En Compagnie Des Chiens: Ways to spend more time with dogs

En Compagnie Des Chiens: Ways to spend more time with dogs

As the famous saying goes, dogs are a man’s best friend. They are great companions that can improve your physical well-being and make your days more enjoyable. Also, having a dog can motivate you to maintain an active lifestyle. You must dedicate some time to spend with your dog so your relationship deepens. Here are some bonding activities you both can do together:

Run together

Dogs are great running partners especially if you are athletically inclined. However, make sure that your furry friend has the same temperament as you to make the most out of the experience. Avoid using a leash when you are going for a jog with your dog so they can freely move around without restrictions. If you think your dog tends to wander around too much, you can use a hands-free running leash and tie it around your waist. This is a better choice compared to a regular leash because it doesn’t distract you during your run.

Try camping for a night

An amazing weekend getaway idea that you can do with your dog is camping together. Make sure to bring along a tent for yourself and another one for them you both have a comfortable place to sleep in. Having your dog along with you is also a great way to ensure your safety and bond with them for a longer time.

Play fetch with them

Fetch is a favourite activity for most dogs and their owners. All you need to do is have a rubber ball in hand and throw it off the distance for your furry friend to retrieve. This kind of activity has lots of benefits such as giving your dog some exercise, strengthening your bond and teaching them the habit of returning to you.

Take a dip in the pool

Another fun exercise you can do with your dog is swimming. It is low-impact and it doesn’t stress your furry friend’s joints. Also, it helps work their muscles and gives you a good workout in return. Although most dogs are not naturally good swimmers, you can slowly teach them and use this experience to deepen your bond with them. Remember to directly supervise your dog while you are in a swimming pool so they are guided on what to do.

Go biking

Dogs love to tag along with their owners at all times like in cases when you go for a bike ride. You can take them with you but remember to buy bicycle attachments so you can prevent your furry friend from running freely and getting hurt. Remember to have breaks in between your rides so that both you and your dog won’t get too exhausted from the heat.