Ensuring your child’s oral health begins with proper dental care, including scheduling regular checkups with a pediatric dentist. Pediatric dentistry is the foundation of a healthy dental future for your child. But how do pediatric dentists play a role in early orthodontic treatment for children, and when should you schedule an appointment with an orthodontist? 

Early Orthodontic Treatment

This article will provide some answers and guide you through the process.

Understanding the Significance of Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry focuses on oral health care for children from infancy to adolescence. A pediatric dentist specializes in addressing the unique dental needs of children, emphasizing preventative care, parent education, and the importance of oral hygiene habits. Here’s why pediatric dentistry is crucial for your child:

  • It prevents dental issues like cavities and gum disease before becoming more complex.
  • Monitors growth and development of your child’s teeth and jaw structure.
  • Builds a strong foundation for future oral health through proper treatment and education.

A dedicated and skilled pediatric dentist in Greensboro, NC can provide your child with the best possible care and ensure their oral health is in excellent condition.

The Connection Between Pediatric Dentists and Early Orthodontic Treatment

Pediatric dentists are critical in identifying the need for early orthodontic treatment. They can assess whether a child may need orthodontic screening or intervention with their specialized knowledge of their oral development. Pediatric dentists can also collaborate with orthodontists to provide comprehensive dental care for your child.

Indications Your Child Should See an Orthodontist

Some of the key indicators that your child should see an orthodontist include:

  • Irregular eruption or loss of baby teeth.
  • Crowded, misplaced, or blocked-out teeth.
  • Speech difficulties or problems with pronunciation.
  • Jaw joint clicking or any other abnormalities.

Keep in mind that these indicators only serve as a guide. The best action is to consult your pediatric dentist, who can advise and refer you to an orthodontist if necessary.

Orthodontic Treatments and Their Importance

Orthodontic treatments address dental and facial irregularities, such as misaligned teeth, bite, and jaw problems. With the help of a skilled orthodontist, these issues can be corrected using various orthodontic devices like braces or Invisalign. Orthodontic treatments can offer several significant benefits, including:

  • Improved oral health by preventing tooth decay, gum disease, and loss.
  • Enhanced appearance, speech, and self-esteem.
  • Providing long-term solutions for jaw issues or tooth misalignments.

It is essential for children and adults, as orthodontic treatment for adults is becoming increasingly popular, allowing people of all ages to enjoy a healthy and attractive smile.

When to Schedule an Orthodontic Screening

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children undergo an orthodontic screening by age seven. At this age, orthodontic issues can be identified early, allowing for timely and effective intervention. Early screening helps your child’s dental care team formulate a comprehensive treatment plan.

One such orthodontic practice in Greensboro is Lake Jeanette Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry, where the dental care team is dedicated to ensuring your child’s oral health is in the best possible condition.


The role of pediatric dentists in early orthodontic treatment is indispensable. Parents can ensure that their child’s oral health and overall well-being are in good hands by maintaining regular checkups with a pediatric dentist. Should orthodontic issues arise, a pediatric dentist will assess the situation and collaborate with an orthodontist to provide your child with comprehensive care. Investing in your child’s oral health today will pave the way for a healthier, happier smile.

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